16 Feb

Polish developer / publisher City Interactive has announced thatĀ Sniper: Ghost Warrior has moved more than 1 million units since the game was released in June 2010. Though the game was not received very positively upon release, the developer announced last month that a sequel to the game was already in the works, and was to be powered by CryEngine 3-technology.

So far, Sniper: Ghost Warrior has only been released on PC and Xbox 360, with the release of a Playstation 3 version scheduled for some time next month. City Interactive has indicated that this Playstation 3 version will include new content for single player missions and online multiplayer, as well as improved graphics.

One thought on “Over 1 Million Copies of Sniper: Ghost Warrior Sold”

  1. This sort of blows my mind. I haven’t played the game, but from what I can tell, it is a hardcore version of shovelware (along the lines of Modern Combat).

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