02 Feb

Microsoft is once again getting into the rumor-by-domain-registering business. The corporation recently trademarked the website “KinectHalo.com”, leaving little room for guessing on its possible uses. While 343 Industries has stated that they are working on “a new high profile Halo experience”, neither the developer nor Microsoft have confirmed any motion controlled-Spartan tours just yet. If the project is in the works, it would be the perfect way for Microsoft to end their E3 press conference this year.

Could Halo work on Kinect? Would you buy it? Tell us below, E-Gs!

2 thoughts on “Rumor: Halo Coming to Kinect?”

  1. I would not want to play an onrails shooter on Kinect any one way or another. If they allow you to use a gun to shoot than ok, but not Halo. Companies need to stop trying to make cheap cash-ins and focus on quality products. On-rails shooter work best for Wii and PS3 as they have a physical device with buttons to regulate aiming and firing, as well as other actions that you might need to make.

  2. So this is what’s going to become of Halo now that Bungie has finished with the IP? God, I was really looking forward to what 343 was going to do with the franchise, but if all they are going to do is make silly Kinect Mini-games with it then I’m not going to bother getting excited about where the franchise is going.

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