13 Feb

In an interview with IGN, THQ Executive VP of Core Gaming Danny Bilson stated that Metro 2034, the sequel to the 2010 adaptation of the Russian novel Metro 2033, will receive a lot more support from both the product-development and the marketing departements at THQ. He added that “the sequel’s even more advanced in terms of the technology,” and that “there were certain things in [Metro 2033], [that needed] to be better polished to compete with theĀ Call of Dutys.” He vowed that THQ would make sure they would be, this time around.

Bilson also indicated that THQ was not aiming to Americanize the franchise. Metro 2033 is originally a Russian franchise, and the publisher is lettingĀ UkrainianĀ developer 4A Games stick closely to the original fiction.

No release date for the game has yet been confirmed, though the game will be showcased at the E3 in June.