15 Mar

Runic Games has announced that March 9th, the day that Torchlight was launched on the Xbox Live Marketplace, was the best day of sales in the history of the game. Though Runic did not specify the number of times the game was purchased on the Xbox 360, they indicated that it had never sold that many copies of the game on one day.

In the past, Runic Games had indicated the chances of Torchlight II coming to consoles would partially depend on the reception Torchlight would receive on the Xbox Live Arcade. Though it has not made any new statements regarding the future of Torchlight II in light of these positive results, the company did state they believe “the experience translates pretty well to the couch,” which was a concern the development team previously faced.

Torchlight II is slated for a release on PC somewhere in July. The Elder-Geek.com review for the Xbox 360 version of Torchlight can be found here