29 Mar

A Pokemon game selling hasn’t been surprising news since the Clinton Administration, but even 15 years after the series initial launch, new and greater financial records continue to be broken. The Black and White game versions already made headlines when they sold over a million units in their first 24 hours on shelves, but now Nintendo confirmed (sales statistics just recently backing up their claim) that the latest entries have moved over two million copies in two weeks.

Even these numbers pale in comparison to Pokemon‘s home turf, where Black/White sold 2.55 million copies in just over a week, and passed 5 million this past January. The games are the fastest on the DS platform to reach that number.

One thought on “‘Pokemon Black/White’ Sell 2 Million in 2 Weeks”

  1. This was to be expected. The little Pocket Monsters are popular with many generations, so sales were to be high. It is interesting every Pokemon Generation to see how many units are sold.

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