07 Mar

[Initial reporting done by Eli English]

Another one of our sources seems to have jumped the gun awhile back, as the piece that lead us to report that EA and DICE’s sequel to Mirror’s Edge being canceled proved false. According to EA Games President Frank Gibeau,  Mirrors Edge 2 was never canceled, and they’re still looking for ways to bring back Faith for a second title.

“We’re looking at ideas for it, absolutely,” he said in an interview with IGN. “We just haven’t figured out the right way to bring it back yet. It was a franchise that reached an audience, but it didn’t reach a large audience, and from a quality standpoint it was good, not great.”

“Working with DICE, we’re really trying to figure out a way of bringing Faith and the Mirror’s Edge property back, but we just really haven’t crafted the idea yet. We’re looking at it,” Gibeau said.

One thought on “Retraction: ‘Mirror’s Edge 2’ Not Canceled”

  1. From the articles I read when this story first hit, I knew they didn’t cancel the game, but rather put it on hold. The franchise is too good for them not to put another game out. Besides, DICE is busy at the moment with BF3 so they really don’t have that much spare time to work on a new version of Mirror’s Edge 2.

    My suggestion on making the sequel better is having a hub world to do free running in and have certain places spark story missions like in inFAMOUS, GTA, and other sandbox style game. That way people can mess around for fun and then take on the next mission when they want to. Also the cutscenes could use a lot of work to make them a bit more appealing (the cartoon style just didn’t do it for me).

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