14 Feb

According to a report by a Swedish gaming website, EA DICE employees have indicated that production on a sequel to 2008’s free-running adventure Mirror’s Edge has been¬†cancelled. EA executives indicated in 2009 that a sequel to the game had entered production, despite¬†disappointing¬†sales of the original. Earlier, it had already been stated that EA DICE was planning on turning the franchise into a trilogy, with a story arch already laid out.

The report by Press2Play states that the plans for Mirror’s Edge 2 were scrapped after EA apparently rejected a prototype for the game. EA refused to comment on the report, stating company policy forbids commenting on speculation.

In 2009, EA CEO John Riccitiello indicated he believed Mirror’s Edge deserved a sequel, despite the commercial performance of that game.

3 thoughts on “Mirror’s Edge 2 Canceled”

  1. This saddens me, Mirror’s Edqe had a lot of promise with a great concept flawed by poor direction filler gameplay. If they made a second one with better story and taking all the feedback into account I think it could be a fantastic game.

    Despite all it’s flaws I really enjoyed the first one.

  2. That’s too bad… Mirrors Edge had a lot of good ideas, and lets face it, it was unexplored territory. I wish EA would have given them a chance, but they made the decision after they saw a demo of Mirrors Edge 2, so maybe it wasn’t looking good.

  3. There has been an update to this story. They haven’t canceled the project yet, but are having DICE focus on Battlefield 3 right now. After that I am sure they will go back to Mirror’s Edge 2. In Mirror’s Edge 2, I want to have an open world hub that I can do parkour in.

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