08 Apr

The hacker group Anonymous, famous for its site-crashing defense of Julian Assange’s WikiLeaks organization, has been targeting Sony through their media servers on the Playstation Network and the company’s official website. The group cited loyalty to George “Geohot” Hotz as the cause for their attacks, with Sony allegedly “restricting one’s use of a product they own”, and has been causing both media servers to intermittently shut down over the course of the past few days. Since then, however, Anonymous has issued a cease fire of their Sony attacks.

The group expects to re-initiate their attacks against Sony once they find a method that “doesn’t hurt Sony costumers.” The attacks had previously been escalated to targeting specific executives at the electronics company, with the aim of posting their private information directly to the internet. No word yet on when Anonymous will resume their action, but the hacker group is still encouraging supporters to go to Sony store outlets and complain to management about the user restrictions.

What’s your view of Anonymous, E-Gs? Are these kinds of attacks justified under the hacker group’s claims? Are they ever? Comment below!