09 Apr

While the full story still hides behind newsstands, a GameFAQs reader has let slip some details on the upcoming Mass Effect 3 Game Informer cover story. More RPG elements (heartier skill trees and other character customization buffs) are will be part of the third installment, although the game is no set to be quite as thorough in that area as the original Mass Effect. Weapon modifications will, however, be reset to the first game’s standard.

Characters confirmed to return are Liara T’Soni (most likely revolving around her evolution from the “Lair of the Shadow Broker” DLC), Garrus, Wrex, Legion, Kaiden or Ashley (spoilers depending), and Mordin. Exact relevance to the plot is dependent on whether the character survived, although most of the finer details are still unknown. Captain Anderson is also confirmed for the sequel, and a new squadmate has also been revealed: named James Sanders, although his exact part is not clarified. The game is also confirmed as single-player only, albeit with multiple endings.

Happy to have some details to tide you over, E-Gs? Or is ME3 looking like a step back from the franchise? Comment below!

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