27 Apr

[Initial reporting done by Eli English]

TimeGate Studios, best known for their work on the Section 8 and F.E.A.R Files expansion packs, have announced that their newest title, Section 8: Prejudice, will allow players access to dedicated servers for the Xbox 360 version. In addition to the being able to edit server settings, the new partnership between Timegate and GameServers will allow players to host dedicated ranked and unranked matches for up to 32 players.

TimeGate Studis president, Adel Chaveleh, commented on the announcement, stating,

“We’re excited to provide this feature to the Xbox 360 community, players who rent dedicated servers from GameServers can customize their server so they can play with their clans and friends how and when they want. It’s all about giving more control to the player.”

The servers will cost $1.29 per player, with a 10 player minimum, plus extra for voice chat. GameServers also announced that there are discounts for 3 month, 6 month and year long payment plans.

Happy to see a return of dedicated servers on console? Or is paying for them not an option? Tell us your thoughts below!