Section8 21 Nov

According to The Wall Street Journal, a bidding war has erupted over the rights to two of now-closed developer TimeGate Studios’ video games. Sci-Fi first-person shooter Section 8, and the unreleased free-to-play game Minimum are at the center of a bidding war between three companies. Hedge fund CNH Partners, Atari SA and Section 8 publisher […]

01 Jun

[Initial reporting done by Eli English] TimeGate Studios has announced the upcoming release of a new map-pack for their most recent title, Section 8: Prejudice. The pack, called “Overdrive”, includes two new maps – “Abbadon”, a power-cell facility surrounded by steaming hot magma, and “Sky Dock”, set in a military base in the frozen tundra. The map-pack, which allows […]

27 Apr

[Initial reporting done by Eli English] TimeGate Studios, best known for their work on the Section 8 and F.E.A.R Files expansion packs, have announced that their newest title, Section 8: Prejudice, will allow players access to dedicated servers for the Xbox 360 version. In addition to the being able to edit server settings, the new […]