25 May

[Initial reporting done by Eli English]

Cold Stream Games, creators of Beat Hazard, has announced that a new downloadable content pack, called “Ultra”, will be released on June 27 for $5. In addition to adding more enemies and bosses to fight, more pick-ups to be found, and new modes to be played, the pack will include competitive multiplayer and co-op. A new perk and upgrade system is also going to be implemented.

A Playstation 3 edition of Beat Hazard is expected to be released sometime this year, however it is not known if the “Ultra” DLC will be included with the release. Fans of the title on the Xbox 360 won’t be getting the “Ultra” DLC, due to it being an Xbox Live Indie title, which doesn’t support downloadable content. Fans who want to see the content released for the Xbox though can vote in Cold Stream Games petition to help it become an Xbox Live Arcade title.

Will you be picking up the DLC, voting in Cold Stream’s petition? Or will you be skipping on the pack? Post a comment below and let us know what you think.