03 May

Bethesda Softworks has confirmed that three new episodes of downloadable content will be launched for Obsidian Entertainment’s Fallout: New Vegas. Each episode will be available on Playstation Network and Steam for $9.99, and on the Xbox 360 Marketplace for 800 Microsoft points, with the content being released across all platforms simultaneously. More information on the new content is included after the jump.

The first release will be known as “Honest Hearts”, which allows players to travel to the Zion National Park. After being ambushed by tribal raiders, players will be tasked with┬átravelling┬áback to the Mohave. Honest Hearts introduces two new factions, known as the New Canaaite Missionary and a character known as the Burning Man… both of which vie for control over the park. Honest Hearts will be released on May 17th.

In June, Bethesda will release “Old War Blues”, in which players will visit pre-War research laboratories and find out more about why the animals in the Mohave have taken on such mutations. The player will become involved in science experiments, and be able to fight against those that hold the player in captivity, or join their efforts against an unspecified, even greater threat.

Finally, Bethesda will launch “Lonesome Road” in July. Receiving a message from the character who was originally intended to be the sixth courier, and thus the carrier of the Platinum Chip, the player is provided with a task he must complete in exchange for some answers that will shed additional light on the earlier stages of the main quest line of New Vegas itself.

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  1. All news that’s got Obsidian and Fallout in them are good news. Man, i promise i’ll buy Oblivion twenty times if Beth gives Obsidian Fallout 4 to make.

    I really got to get around modding New Vegas.

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