29 May

In a post on the Capcom Unity blog, the Senior Vice President of Capcom Entertainment stated that the Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition will feature a new anti-piracy measure that limits the available gameplay if the player is not actively connected to an authentication server. Capcom previously stated that it would not bring the game to the PC if it was unable to find proper protection.

The game will make use of Microsoft’s Games for Windows Live service, and players who lose connection to the service while playing by themselves will be able to continue their current game or challenge until they enter a menu. If the player is unable to log back into the service, the gamer will lose the ability to save his or her progress, be unable to access downloaded content, and have the playable roster limited to 15 characters.

The release date for the PC version has been confirmed as of yet, but Chris Svensson indicated that they are aiming to release the game within a week of the console version’s -physical release, which is set for June 24th. Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition will be available for download on Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 on June 7th.