07 May

Despite being sold off as the genre it reinvigorated is largely believed to be dying, the folks at Harmonix have had a good week. Speaking with Game Informer, the company’s Vice President of Strategy and Business Development Chris Rigopulos outlined plans to continue sporting weekly downloadable content releases on the Rock Band music store. Better still, Rigopulos confirmed that they had “effectively severed all ties with MTV, and all proceeds from Rock Band belong to Harmonix.”

Not only will DLC continue under Harmonix’s new management, but the company will now have more control over what song packs will release on the network (May holds a combination of tracks from the newest albums from both Foo Fighters and Lady Gaga, as well as some classics from Ozzy Osbourne and Peter Framption). To summarize, a quote from Chris himself: “I doubt you will see any more Spongebob Squarepants tracks.”

Its no secret why Harmonix has kept up the Music Store, as the company announced it has just recently sold its 100 millionth track over the service. “We recently hit a significant milestone; more than 100 million songs have been downloaded for Rock Band,” he said. “Nearly 5 million accounts have downloaded a song from the Rock Band catalog.” Rigopulos explained, “With all of the negative press around the band genre, you might be surprised to learn that we still see more than a million unique users log on each month to play Rock Band and to pick up new music and it’s not the same million players each month.”

Excited that the longest post-release DLC record is intact? Or have you long stopped caring about Rock Band DLC songs? Tell us your thoughts below, E-Gs!