13 May

Though no official statement has been made by Activision or the developers, Kotaku reports that several sources have spoken with the website about the upcoming third installment in the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare series, stating it is slated for a release on November 8th. Supposedly, the game will take players through twelve cities around the globe, and “reshape the landscape of the Call of Duty franchise.” According to these sources, the game will be the closing piece in the Modern Warfare series, tying together loose ends from previous games and covering the final moments of key characters from the franchise.

Supposedly, the game will continue immediately after the cliffhanger from Modern Warfare 2, with a mission in Manhattan. The final mission will be set in Dubai, UAE. Throughout the campaign, players will take command of the gunnerseat in an AC-130 and a tank of the U.S. Armored Division, but will also be put in the shoes of several characters from earlier games. At least two new characters will be introduced in Modern Warfare 3, who are currently only known as ‘Frost’ and ‘Sandman’. Both of these characters are supposedly members of Delta Force.

The game is being developed by Infinity Ward, with Sledgehammer Games and Raven Software assisting the studio. Activision has refused to comment on the report by Kotaku, but is sure to formally announce the title during E3 next month.


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