05 May

From Tolkien to Warcraft, the brutish race of greenish humanoids known as Orcs have been common antagonists, mostly paired against the human race. Cyanide Studios and Spiders hope to change that, with their jointly-developed RPG Of Orcs and Men. Players will be cast as an honored Bloodjaws Legionnaire, sent to assassinate a human emperor to stop the mass slaughters by his hand. Both the player character and his goblin assassin partner will have unique customization trees to max out over the course of the game.

Of Orcs and Men will be published by Focus Home Interactive in Spring 2011 for PC, Playstation 3, and Xbox 360.

For the Horde? Or are there more interesting fantasy racial dynamics you would like to see played up? Comment below!

One thought on “‘Of Orcs and Men’ Reverses Age-Old Race Rivalries”

  1. Interesting. To be honest, I wouldn’t say the Orcs are really antagonists anymore in Warcraft… but ya, it’s nice to see people taking new directions.

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