15 May

For those that haven’t already checked their PS3s for the thousandth time recently, you may have missed the surprise. Sony relaunched the basic framework of the Playstation Network (trophies, friends, chat, rentals, and side services like Qriocity) early yesterday. The mandatory firmware update (3.61) that came with it demanded a password change for added security. For the most up to date details on the relaunch, check out Sony’s updating page at the Playstation blog.

Remaining skeptical until you see some compensation, E-Gs? Or is this a simple time for jubilation? Comment below!

2 thoughts on “PSN Service Rebooted in the States”

  1. Well it is up fully in the U.S. so now to sync my trophies. Also let’s see if it will also sync my Portal 2 trophies on Steam. Still waiting on the PSN Store though; I expect it to be up by Tuesday for the normal updates, or maybe next week.

  2. Time to sync my trophies so everyone can see my DW7 platinum. Hopefully there will be some Bad Company 2 in my near future.

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