10 May

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Sony’s original end date for the Playstation Network’s restructuring ended two days ago, but with a revised statement put up on Friday, the company delayed the re-launch until sometime in the future. We now have an updated time frame to that delay, and it is not any time soon. According to Bloomberg, Sony is now expecting the full service to resume by May 31st. This is most likely Sony giving themselves a wide margin to come back earlier than that date, as new estimates are already configuring just how much Sony has lost already, half way through their perspective re-launch.

Nobuo Kurahashi, an analyst at Mizuho Investors Securities, stated that the electronics should prepare for $1.25 billion in losses by the time the financial quarter results come in. Speaking to The Wall Street Journal, Kurahashi said, “It could take months for the security woes to settle, and how this may affect consumer confidence in Sony’s online services in a long run is harder to assess.”

On a lighter side of things, European gamers got a glimpse into a compensation package that will be offered once they can return online. Players in the region will be able to pick from 2 PS3 games (out of a list of 5) and 2 PSP games (out of 4) to download for free. No word yet on whether or not other regions will see a similar offer as part of their promised “free entertainment content”.

Is waiting till May 31st giving you a new outlook on the PSN issue, E-Gs? Or are you happy thinking of which games you would want free? Join the conversation down below!

One thought on “Sony: PSN May Not be Fully Back Until May 31st”

  1. This update of date is inline with their statements of some services coming online weeks from the initial relaunch of online. I just want to be able to play Portal 2 co-op online soon. Also, there are a lot of companies losing money from PSN not being up.

    This mess needs to be sorted out soon.

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