09 May

Continuing the trend that began rumors of a “God of War Online” back in late March, Sony Santa Monica is hiring more designers with “open world” and shooter experience. Job listings (via Twitter) for both a Level Designer and Senior Combat Designer are asking for pretty specific skills, the former requiring knowledge of “open-world” games, and the latter looking for “experience working with, developing or designing vehicle combat.”

While no longer seeming to point to some online god-killing, these new positions are definitely pushing Sony Santa Monica in a new direction than what we have seen previous.

What do you think this could mean, E-Gs? What are you expecting next from Sony SM? Tell us in the comments section!

One thought on “Sony Santa Monica Hiring Devs With ‘Open World’ Experience”

  1. I hope they will be doing something other than GoW as the universe is pretty much exhausted at this point.

    I am interested in what they will come up with. The persistent world thing reminds me of Demon’s Souls and being able to invade or assist people in their single player campaign. It would be interesting if Sony Santa Monica did a similar game to Demon’s Souls/Dark Souls, cause there are very few games like it on the market.

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