4 thoughts on “‘Team Fortress 2’ Has Gone Free to Play”

  1. D’ oh, bought this game at ‘full’ price a few weeks ago, but it turned out I can’t run it on my PC :( Very bad graphic glitches, even though I (barely) meet the minimum requirements (yes, my PC is that bad).

    Still, for everybody else in the world, this is fantastic news 😉

    1. Don’t worry Robin, you get a hat saying that you purchased the game. Hope you can get a new computer soon to play this and a lot of other great games that have been released this year or will be released.

  2. Well I bought the game back in 2008 and I am happy with the purchase I made (got the Orange Box).

    This announcement will hopefully grow the TF2 community so it will make games much more interesting.

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