22 Jun

With free-to-play titles like Champions Online: Free for All being the latest major addition to the Steam catalog, it may not come as a huge surprise that Valve has just been laying the groundwork for its own F2P game. In an characteristically simple response to an interview question from French website Barre de Vie (via the Escapist), Valve’s Doug Lombardi confirmed the production.

“Yes.” replied Lombardi to being asked whether the Half-Life makers are making their own free-to-play game, although nothing else was said as “…the contract terms are confidential.”

What could a free-to-play Valve game be, EGs? A new IP, or a remodeling of an existing one? Would Team Fortress F2P be something of interest to the Steam community? Comment below!

4 thoughts on “Valve Working on F2P Game”

  1. If it turned out the F2P game was DotA 2; holy snapple would that be huge…though personally, I ‘d rather buy it and not deal with all the micro stuff.

  2. I would be pumped if DOTA2 was free to play… especially after League of Legends has been so successful going free to play (they are releasing numbers later this month, and they said you will be absolutely shocked).

    It is strange how F2P games have been making more money than P2P games, yet no companies are releasing numbers. I wonder why this is.

    1. Well it makes sense… the pay to play tend to have to compete with worldo f warcraft, which is pretty hard. But the free ones get all the ‘non-gamers’ going in and playing…

      1. I think it has to do with more people willing to try out a free game rather than pay a hefty price of admission. Also, with a free to play game, the customer gets to set their own price for the game (which could be nothing and could be $200). This is super intruiging to me.

        I have put in about $80 into League of Legends over the past 2 years, mainly being skins or champs that I want to play. When I played Dungeon Fighter and Battlefield Heroes, I didn’t want to pay anything for them (aka they weren’t worth my money). It means the customer will always be satisfied.

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