27 Jul

BioWare recently confirmed that while the marketing campaigns of both the original Mass Effect and its 2010 sequel focused on the male Commander Shepard, the female version of the Mass Effect-protagonist will be featured in the campaign for the third installment. However, the studio also stated that it was looking to change the look of the default female Commander, and therefore invited fans to cast their votes on their favorite from a set of six. Currently, the design featuring a blonde Commander Sheppard is ahead by a significant portion, and it therefore seems likely that she will become the character featured in future promotions, as well as the default female character in the game.

Bioware confirmed that the original default design will still be available as a preset. A picture of the design that is likely to win the poll is included after the jump.

3 thoughts on “New Default Female Cmdr. Shepard Likely to be Blonde”

  1. Cool. It was the best Natalie Portman of the bunch. I doubt many proud femshep players such as myself will trade their own for the default, though.

    1. I actually might… Mine is a blonde anyway, and the presets usually look a whole lot more human than whatever the hell I manage to cook up.

      Still, I think this one might not look as cool in actual gameplay… gonna have to see her in-game before I decide.

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