26 Jul

This patriot wants his countrymen to play World of Warcraft, to learn.

Can’t fault a guy from going where the play time is. Russian President Dimitri Medvedev sees all the time being spent in Blizzard’s fantasy MMO World of Warcraft, and thinks that amount of attention can be used for educational purposes. Specifically, teaching Russia’s history to the younger demographic. A noble task, especially considering next year is Russia’s 1,15oth as a recognized state.

“I’ve checked what’s our youth are playing with, and most games are pseudo-historical and fantasy-based,” Medvedev explained to a gathering of a joint session of culture and science councils this past Friday. “Take World of Warcraft…It’s not all about destruction. It has a subtext about developing human civilization,” Medvedev said. “We could try to make something similar if it’s so popular – not globally, perhaps, but at the domestic level.”

(via The Moscow Times, through Kotaku)

Would you want to learn your country’s history from an MMO? Comment below, EGs!

4 thoughts on “Russian Prez Wants Country’s History Taught Through ‘WoW’ Clone”

  1. I think that would be a great application of gaming for educational purposes. And I am THRILLED that people and countries are looking at gaming in an educational light.

  2. What’s with the tone of the post, guys? World of Revolution? Really? Sounds like an article pulled straight from Kotaku.

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