16 Aug

As far as the classics go, few can post the continued fan community dedication that Counter-Strike still boasts. Valve is looking to expand that already fervent fanbase with the newly announced expanded and retooled version of the seminal shooter, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. Scheduled for 2012 on PC, PSN, and XBLA, Global Offensive adds “new maps, characters, and weapons,” along with revamped iterations of some of the original game’s content. The new Counter-Strike also looks to update its classic self to the modern age, with up to date matchmaking, leaderboards, and mode options.

Do we have any Counter-Strike diehards in our midst, EGs? What’s the initial impression of this Offensive? Comment below!

One thought on “‘Counter-Strike’ Begins a ‘Global Offensive’”

  1. There will be hats, mark my words. Valve did it with TF2 and then brought them over to Portal 2. I will check this out, but I never got into CS in the first place. I may just be sucked in, who knows.

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