02 Aug

Can’t wait for Gears of War 3? How about a board game? Esdevium Games is distributing Gears of War: The Board Game later this month. Basing its mechanics on classic Gears staples like cover hopping and locust lancing, the game comes with 200 cards, 75 tokens, and 30 plastic figures spawning rosters on both sides of the Human/Locust conflict. There’s also co-op play, but that’s kind of the point with these board game things.

(via MCV)

One thought on “‘Gears of War’ Board Game Coming This Month”

  1. I’m quite a ‘old school’ person so I do like just ‘chilling out’ and playing a board game with friends and family sometimes like monopoly and Uno, if this doesn’t cost a ridiculous amount I’d love to have a go of this, looks cool but not gory like the video game =P

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