09 Sep

Following persistent rumors and an accidental reveal by the ESRB earlier this year, developer Crytek has confirmed to Kotaku that four years after the Crysis established a new milestone in PC-graphics, Crysis will be coming to consoles. In fact, the release of the game is apparently only a single month away, with a currently unspecified release date set for October. The game will make use of the improved lighting engine found in the sequel that released earlier this year, but will otherwise be identical to the PC version.

The game will be released on Xbox Live Arcade and Playstation Network, at a price of 1600 Microsoft points or $19.99 respectively.

2 thoughts on “Crysis Coming to Consoles”

  1. I hope that they could patch the PC original for better optimization.

    Though watching the trailer, I noticed that the 360 version at least has horrible AA.

  2. I think this is nice idea, late but nice. Even though I’ve completed Crysis 2 I didn’t like it that much because of how linear(one pathed) it is and the story isn’t as ‘focused’ as the first in my opinion but good that console players can play the original.

    It’s one heck of a game so hope you all enjoy it.

    I’m quite the wanderer in open World games, I do what I want when and how I want and with Crysis you can do this more or less.

    I spent so much time just shooting at random things, sneaking up on the Koreans(they’re better than the AI in the 2nd game though, coordinate better to kind of surround you) and even just watching the water flowing and light shafts shine through the nice jungle environment, good game =)

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