20 Sep

Turns out, THQ had to cancel more than just Red Faction to make up for a bad quarter. Some footage of a first-person action game set in the “Avengers” movie universe, once under production at THQ Australia, leaked over the weekend. The trailer – since removed from its original perch on Youtube – can be seen here. A rare first-person super-venture, the game seemed to split its focus on the Avengers’ most iconic members of Captain America, Thor, and Iron Man, each with a unique set of moves and special abilities to use against the legendary Marvel team’s many foes.

Thoughts, EGs? Could a new perspective on the superhero genre succeed in THQ’s hands, despite it being a licensed games? Give us your reactions in the comments section!

3 thoughts on “Footage of Cancelled ‘Avengers’ Game Surfaces”

  1. THQ has really done a good job with the Warhammer franchise, so I would rather they do it than EA or Activision.

  2. The footage was pretty good. It was weird to see it in a first person perspective, but it was functioning really well (the agile running was pretty cool).

    Though what I really want to see put on PSN and XBLA is the Avengers arcade game. Put that out next summer right before the movie comes out, and that should do some good sales. Man such good memories playing that game at Godfather’s.

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