09 Sep

On October 7th, German gamers will finally see what all the fuss was about with the original Doom and its sequel; all four that haven’t pirated the game in the interim 17 years since the game was banned at launch. Bethesda Softworks, parent company of Doom-makers id Software, announced the policy reversal in an official post on their website.

“Good news for German gamers! Following an appeal to the German ratings board, both DOOM and DOOM II have been de-listed and now carry a ’16+’ rating,” read the post. “While we work to make both DOOMs available widely there, we’re also set to release an entirely uncut version of id Software’s RAGE to German stores. Look for it on October 7!”

Took long enough, EGs? Is this the kind of belated re-release we’re going to see in a lot of countries retooling their ratings system? Comment below!