13 Sep

In one of the most boastful announcements regarding post-release content we’ve read, Brian Farrell of THQ has promised40 weeks of downloadable content for Saints Row: The Third. In fact, Farrell originally proposed a $39.99 price for a boxed copy of the game, given the expansive support he planned for after the launch. No details were given as to the exact form this DLC will take, but Farrell has made multiple references to “online in-game storage, consumables and other online items” in the past.

“We’re totally changing how we keep consumers engaged for a very long time,” he said. “We intend to create an online digital ecosystem that keeps them interested for a year or more.”

“Unlike free to play, $39.99 just wasn’t low enough to drive a big enough install base to push the level of DLC we had initially hoped for,” Farrell admitted. “We think the business model will vary based on the type of content being offered. We’re starting to see a world where players can pay different amounts based on preferences with casual players paying a small amount, and more hardcore or passionate players investing more into their experience.”

(via GamesIndustry.biz, through GamesRadar)

Think Saints Row: The Third will push enough units for THQ to commit to Farrell’s DLC “ecosystem”? What’s your thoughts on a $40 price tag with guaranteed DLC 10 months? Give us your reactions below!