21 Oct

While there can be no doubt that at least one more console generation waits in the wings, the exact launch date for new hardware from Microsoft and Sony has been anything but specific. And while the release timeline of the Playstation 4 still only exists in the vaguest of rumors and hearsay (despite internal studios reportedly beginning production on games for the console), Develop has released a cumulative report pointing to a more precise launch window.

According to the report – tabulated from multiple sources in publishing, development, and hardware manufacturing – Microsoft will unveil the Next Xbox at E3 in 2013. A late Holiday 2013 release is then expected of the console, with early 2014 being an option for some regions. Sources point to Electronic Arts having already been handed the tech to work with, a claim the publisher has strongly denied when questioned.

Microsoft has declined to comment on the speculation.

Should the report be true, will you be ready to buy another Xbox by Christmas 2013? What sort of features would new console hardware need to be worth another $400+ investment? Give us your thoughts down below, EGs!

One thought on “Develop Report: “Next Xbox” in 2013”

  1. I think now that I have a job, buying a 400 piece of tech like an Xbox is not so big of a deal anymore. What I really want to have in the next Xbox is better graphics. Xbox live is great, and having an Xbox as a media hub is awesome. All I really want is better graphics. I haven’t turned it on to play games ever since I built my new PC.

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