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Eurogamer reports that Fumito Ueda, the director and lead designer behind Ico, Shadow of the Colossus and the highly anticipated The Last Guardian, has left the Sony-owned Team Ico studio. According to the report, Ueda continues to be involved in The Last Guardian, but only in a freelance role. Supposedly, Ueda’s departure is one of the reasons why the development of The Last Guardian has been suffering delays. The game was originally scheduled for a release late this year, but has recently been postponed to an unspecified season in 2012.

As with all rumors, Sony has stated it will issue no comments.

2 thoughts on “Report: Team Ico Lead Leaves Sony”

  1. I just want this game to come out already. Taking too long to develop a game can hurt the final product. I have hopes that the game will be amazing, but they really need to show off what they have been working on to quell consumer suspicions (we haven’t seen anything new since TGS 2009).

  2. Hope there’s no more delays, I liked the look of this game since I first saw it, very cool, can’t wait.

    I think ‘keck282’ is right about Team Ico needing to show off more stuff, to keep fans etc looking forward to it.

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