04 Nov

Sony is partnering up with Square Enix to offer another seasonal promotional campaign for the Playstation Network, this time focusing on some of the most beloved games from Squeenix’s back catalog. The “Winter of RPGs” will bring Chrono Cross, Final Fantasy V, and Final Fantasy VI to the PSN, all in time to absorb those dozens of empty hours when you have to pretend to be interested in the stories of visiting relatives.

Chrono Cross (2000) bore the unfortunate burden of coming after Chrono Trigger, never having any hope of living up to one of the most beloved games of all time. It has since enjoyed cult status amongst RPG enthusiasts (and was ranked #4 in Bennett the Sage/Elder Geek’s Top 10 PSX Games). Cross will make its debut on the PSN next Tuesday, November 8th.

Final Fantasy V (1992 on Super Famicon, 1999 on Playstation Final Fantasy Anthology), which expanded the series’ job system and introduced us to the villain with the most 90’s name ever: Exdeath, will launch on the platform on November 22nd. And Final Fantasy VI (1994 on Super Famicon, 1999 on Playstation Final Fantasy Anthology), the Cool Kid’s pick for “Best FF EVAR!!1″, will reignite your evil clown nostalgia on December 6th.

Room in your Thanksgiving/Black Friday budget to buy Final Fantasy V and VI again, EGs? What about Chrono Cross? Comment below!