10 Jan

Though Blizzard has publicly stated it was exploring its options regarding a possible console version of Diablo III, this version has never officially been confirmed to be in production. However, in response to a question by a user on Twitter, the community manager for Blizzard confirmed that a console version is currently in the works. The project is headed by Josh Mosqueira, previously the Creative Director for Far Cry 3 and a former Design Director at Relic Entertainment. No further information is available at this time, though Blizzard previously indicated that if a console version were ever to be made, the release of the PC version would not be held back to facilitate a simultaneous release.

2 thoughts on “Diablo III Console Version Confirmed”

  1. I think this is very cool, alot of PC games that have never been on consoles should do this, Starcraft being another one, I haven’t played these games, not my ‘thing’ being honest but I’ve only heard good things about ’em.

    Just as long as the developers of the games don’t take away from the original PC versions.

    1. While I can understand Diablo on console being potentially a good thing… Starcraft HAS been to consoles and it was an absurd failure. Starcraft 64 is one of the worst games ever made. In fact, most people try to forget it exists. I would go so far as to that Diablo is the only Blizzard franchise that would make sense on consoles – unless they were to resurrect Starcraft: Ghost.

      Although Blizzard, after this comment became ‘famous’ came out with an official statement that this is not a confirmation that Diablo 3 will come to console, just a confirmation that they are taking a very serious look into whether it would work.

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