30 Jan

Despite many rumors having circulated around the internet in recent weeks, representatives from Microsoft and Sony have stated that they are not looking to unveil new hardware at the upcoming E3, which is to be held in Los Angeles this June. More information is available after the jump.

Develop-Online reports that the French marketing director for Microsoft has gone on record about the unveiling of a new console to French magazine ‘Le Point,’ in stating that “E3 is still premature” and “that there’ll be nothing new in 2012.” According to Cedrick Delmax, the life cycle for Xbox 360 is not at all finished, with the evidence to be found in the fact that Microsoft will not be lowering the retail price of the Xbox 360 this year.

In an interview with the same magazine, the CEO of Playstation France, Philippe Cardon, stated that even though the company is under a lot of pressure to put out a new generation of Playstations, the company will most likely be the last to actually show its hand.

3 thoughts on “Microsoft and Sony Not Showing New Consoles at E3”

  1. I’m not surprised at all, probably at Tokyo Game Show in november at the latest, as soon as this rumour spread about new consoles I thought it didn’t make sense.

    Yes, the consoles are WAY behind PC’s for hardware but the PS3 especially is at a place like the PS2 had, the console is getting cheaper and good games are coming out quite alot.

    I’m really lookin forward to this year’s games, GTA V, Hitman V/Absolution, these two are the ones I’ll definitely be getting, brilliant.

  2. I don’t want new consoles too come out until we’ve seen a quantum leap in graphics, sure the new PC games look great with shiney new graphics that the consoles couldn’t even hope to reproduce. But the graphics aren’t 700$ for a new console great (and don’t kidd yourselves, that’s what they’ll cost.)

    1. I feel like the reason why there isn’t a “quantum leap” is because of the Console Hardware holding us back. Its because of bad ports and Console work arounds that make the PC not only harder to code for, but also makes it so the games are more taxing due to the PC not having the same hardware as the Consoles. I think this is a good thing.

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