27 Mar

Mode 7, the designers behind Frozen Synapse, have temporarily changed the ending to their turn-based strategy game to (according to the developer) parody the fan reaction to Bioware’s endings to Mass Effect 3 experiment with the concept of changing a game ending post-release. Proudly declaring that “This is the ending to a computer game…We don’t care if you like it”, the new ending boasts future utopias of dinosaurs and trolling ponies. The new cutscene will remain for seven days before the original ending is restored and, given it’s timing, it’s hard to not associate the change with the internet backlash against Bioware’s RPG.

On the opposite side of the ending debate, the “Retake Mass Effect 3” campaign has entered into another strategic initiative, a truly delicious one. The campaign has paid over $1,000 for a total of 400 cupcakes, to be sent to Bioware at their Edmonton office. The order will contain equal parts green cupcakes, blue cupcakes, and red cupcakes numbered 1-3, with delivery expected this Thursday. Local bakery Fuss Cupcakes is handling the order. An excess of $100 raised in the campaign was donated to Full Paragon, a charity drive for children’s literacy.

A second effort, a cake based on the enemy NPC-cum-meme character Marauder Shields, is planned for the next few weeks.

What’s the EG reaction to Mode 7’s parody rewrite (or is it really just an honest experiment)? And will cupcakes be the decided push the fans need to hold their line for a new ME3 ending from Bioware? Are they Trojan Cupcakes? Comment below!