01 Mar

IGN reports that a new website for the classic RPG-franchise Baldur’s Gate has been launched in recent days. More information is included after the jump.

The website currently does not contain any relevant information, and no official statement has been made by BioWare or Atari on the matter. According to the IGN report, enthousiasts have found what appears to be a hint in the webpage’s source code:

— February 28, 2012 –>
— Shadowy Figure- Raise Dead : Infinity Engine –>

— For years, I clung to the memory of it. Then the memory of the memory. –>

— And then… it returned. Better than it was before. –>

A spokesperson of license-owner Atari has stated in 2008 that the franchise was to be revisted some time after 2009, though no statements have been made on the matter since then.

The Baldur’s Gate franchise was originally started by BioWare in 1998. A sequel followed in 2000 and the series later saw console-focused installments released under the Baldur’s Gate: Dark Alliance label in 2001 and 2004.

Dear Elder Geeks, as a classic gaming franchise, would you be most interested in new installment in the classic Baldur’s Gate series that was started by BioWare, or are you looking forward to a new episode in the Baldur’s Gate: Dark Alliance series, which was developed by Black Isle?

2 thoughts on “Rumor: New Baldur’s Gate Announcement Imminent”

  1. What Baldur’s Gate needs is a visceral, action-packed, adrenaline-pumped first person shooter reimagination.

    Serious response: I’d like a sequel to the classic games developed by Obsidian, please! Having Bioware using the word “romancing” in the same sentence as Baldur’s Gate would make me real sad.

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