13 Apr

After its existence was mistakenly revealed on their Origin service, Electronic Arts confirmed that a formal reveal of Crysis 3 information can be expected on April 16th. Speaking to Joystiq, EA proclaimed that “The best kept secret in shooters just can’t be contained”. According to Russian gaming website Madfanboy (via CVG), Crysis 3 will be set in a devastated New York City that is “almost a jungle”. A Spring 2013 launch is expected for the game, as is a simultaneous launch across 360, PC, and PS3.


2 thoughts on “‘Crysis 3’ Reveal Set for April 16th”

  1. I hope it’s got more jungle and less concrete this time =P

    Just something about the jungle setting I love and the Cry Engine shows it off lovely.

    Where do you all want it to be? I just didn’t like Crysis 2 half as much as the first, I honestly can’t remember the main guy’s name =/

  2. The guy in the first Crysis was called Prophet, the guy in the second is called Alcatraz :)

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