13 Apr

IGN reader ‘tyrant_PSN’ (via MCV) was the first to notice Nintendo’s rather direct domain registration for a “supermario4.com”. And unlike most other publishers, Nintendo isn’t trying to hide it. The Big N did announce that a new 2D Mario game was in development at itsĀ  presentation to investors this past January, but the company has remained mum so far on any direct correlation between its production and the domain registration. It may not be exactly what fans are expecting; Super Mario Bros. 4 already exists as the Japanese title for Super Mario World.

Nintendo has continued its taciturn pattern on most things recently, including the company’s puzzling decision to skip Gamescom 2012 in lieu of its own tour of sampling events throughout Germany. The events will focus on new and upcoming software across Nintendo’s platforms, with a special focus on the upcoming Wii U.

One thought on “Nintendo Registers ‘Super Mario 4’ Domain”

  1. This interests me. It would be good to have a new sprite based Mario platformer (providing speculation is correct). Another game similar to SMW would be super awesome.

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