09 May

Late last month, Sony Online Entertainment filed a domain registration for “BULLETRUNGAME.COM” (via Superannuation). Set to expire in 2014, there is little information to glean from the filing, even by domain registration standards. Sony Online offered a standard “no comment” when Elder Geek’s asked for clarification. There’s no guarantee that a “Bullet Run” reveal will […]

13 Apr

IGN reader ‘tyrant_PSN’ (via MCV) was the first to notice Nintendo’s rather direct domain registration for a “supermario4.com”. And unlike most other publishers, Nintendo isn’t trying to hide it. The Big N did announce that a new 2D Mario game was in development at itsĀ  presentation to investors this past January, but the company has […]

03 Jun

With a little that wouldn’t seem out of a place in a 50s Sci-Fi rag, Ubisoft’s Freaks from Outer Space seems to have been outed by a trio of domain registrations, once again discovered by superannuation. The domains for “KillerFreaks.com”, “Killer-Freaks.com”, and “KillerFreaksFromOuterSpace.com” were all brought under Ubisoft’s legal control, which by no means confirms […]