24 Apr

DSO Gaming reports that it has uncovered an entry in the Steam registry that suggests the downloadable Alan Wake-spin off Alan Wake’s American Nightmare will be making its way to Steam in the foreseeable future. More information is included after the jump.

The PC-version of the original Alan Wake was also leaked through an entry in the Steam registry in December last year. A PC version for Alan Wake’s American Nightmare has never been announced by developer Remedy Entertainment. In the past, games that have appeared in these registries were released within a couple of months.

The full registry entry as it has been uncovered by DSO Gaming is as follows:

App ID 202754
Last Updated 2012-04-23 22:56:35
Name alan wakes american nightmare thirdparty
Installation Directory alan wakes american nightmare thirdparty
Minimum Cache Size 104
Maximum Cache Size 104
Launch Options
Description Default
Command Line alan wakes american nightmare thirdparty
Icon Index 0
No Desktop Shortcut false
No Start Menu Shortcut false
Long Running Unattended false
On First Launch -1
Is Bandwidth Greedy true
Versions (show) Hidden
Current Version ID 0
Trickle Version ID -1
User Defined
Beta Version Password foo
Beta Version ID -1
Legacy Installation Dir
Skip MFP Overwrite false
Use Filesystem DVR false
Manifest Only App false
App of Manifest Only Cache 202750

The Elder-Geek.com review for Alan Wake’s American Nightmare is available here.

It took Remedy Entertainment almost two years to bring the original Alan Wake to PC, but if the rumors are true it may take them less than 6 months for them to bring American Nightmare from Xbox Live Arcade to Steam. Are you Elder Geeks happy that Remedy seems to be bringing this to PC much faster than the previous installment, or would you rather just have they focused on a new episode in the series?