Microsoft – SmartGlass to be Included in All First-Party Titles

12 Jun, 2012

Speaking to Joystiq, Vice-President of Microsoft Studios Phil Spencer told that SmartGlass functionality will be included in all first-party games that launch after the service goes live this fall. More details on the service is included after the jump.

SmartGlass was revealed by Microsoft during it’s E3 presentation last week, and Spencer added that “it just makes so much sense for a developer who wants to supply [...] information that augments what’s happening on screen.”

The service will be able to synch a tablet or smartphone with a Gamertag, and provide relevant information and features based on the game that is currently being played. Spencer added that certain games, like Ascend: New Gods, will feature gameplay that specifically happens on SmartGlass, though he didn’t illustrate this further.

SmartGlass will be available on Windows 8, iOS, and Android devices this fall, though a solid release date has not yet been set.

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