04 Jun

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Ubisoft’s E3 Conference played out with more of an eye for on-stage theatrics than the rest of the day’s pressers, opening with a dance crew advertising Just Dance 4‘s October release window (also on Wii U) and featuring an internet celebrity for good measure. Hosted by Aisha Tyler (FX’s “Archer”), the show ended up being the breeziest of the Day 0 conferences.

Ubisoft followed up Just Dance with a Far Cry 3 trailer pimping the Dunia engine and the game’s occasional hallucination/drugged sequences. Splinter Cell: Blacklist will continue the franchise’s co-op trend, along with a new “Spy vs. Merch” mode. A CG trailer for Avengers: Battle for Earth revealed a Fall release window for the Kinect/Wii U title, leading a pack of 17 launch titles for Nintendo’s new system alongside a demo’d port of Rayman Origins and zombie-survival ZombiU (formerly Killer Freaks). Your Shape, Sports Collection and the new Raving Rabbids game Rabbids Land were also confirmed for the platform via montage.

Next, Assassin’s Creed III‘s live demo focused on gruesome wilderness assassinations, while a follow up trailer emphasized changing seasons and narrative timespan. Banter between Aisha Tyler and Toby “Tobuscus” Turner leads into a somewhat awkward live demo for the build-your-own-maps online FPS Shootmania Storm between loyalist groups of the two celebrities. Company CEO Yves Guillemot introduces a new IP for the studio, Watch Dogs, the accompanying trailer showing the game as an open-world action game dealing with hacking and cyber-terrorism.

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