05 Jun

Defined by a similar series of lengthy trailers and/or gameplay demonstrations as most of the day’s pre-E3 events, Sony’s 2012 Press Conference has already birthed one particular moment of lingering infamy; one particular demo destined for a meme legacy alongside “$599 U.S. Dollars” and “I’m going to attack it’s weak point for massive damage.”

04 Jun

Video begins playing at 18:10 Ubisoft’s E3 Conference played out with more of an eye for on-stage theatrics than the rest of the day’s pressers, opening with a dance crew advertising Just Dance 4‘s October release window (also on Wii U) and featuring an internet celebrity for good measure. Hosted by Aisha Tyler (FX’s “Archer”), […]

02 Mar

  UPDATE: Ubisoft has confirmed both the game logo and the Revolutionary War time period rumored below, and has provided the game’s official box art. Assassin’s Creed III is now scheduled for release October 30th, with a full reveal next week. Looks like the Assassins had a major hand in the American Revolution. That’s the […]