zombiu-wii-u-controller-survival-kit-640x325 07 Jun

Tony Key, Senior Vice President of Ubisoft’s Sales and Marketing departments, let slip to IGN yesterday that the publisher’s Wii U-exclusive zombie survival game may not stay that way. While many of the dual-screen features of the game were designed specifically for the Wii U’s Gamepad tablet, the recent Smartglass and Cross Controller tech shown […]

05 Jun

Nintendo came into the Press Conference game this year with the highest amount of scrutiny and hype once again. Proclaiming their program to be “all about the games”, even Reggie stated that “my body is ready” for the reported 23 games on display for both the Wii U and 3DS. With a focus on Miiverse […]

04 Jun

Video begins playing at 18:10 Ubisoft’s E3 Conference played out with more of an eye for on-stage theatrics than the rest of the day’s pressers, opening with a dance crew advertising Just Dance 4‘s October release window (also on Wii U) and featuring an internet celebrity for good measure. Hosted by Aisha Tyler (FX’s “Archer”), […]