22 Jun

As part of their latest Nintendo Direct broadcast earlier tonight, the Big N announced release windows for several hotly anticipated 3DS titles. Fire Emblem: Awakening‘s Western launch – announced right after the company’s E3 3DS Hardware Showcase – was confirmed for sometime in 2013. The latest in the Professor Layton puzzle-solving franchise, Professor Layton and […]

07 Jun

Nintendo held their second hardware showcase of the show earlier tonight, devoting an hour to fleshing out a few previously announced games for the 3DS. Their fourth – and final – conference of the show, the series of stage demonstrations brought a bit more light to the likes of Paper Mario, Epic Mickey, and New […]

05 Jun

Nintendo came into the Press Conference game this year with the highest amount of scrutiny and hype once again. Proclaiming their program to be “all about the games”, even Reggie stated that “my body is ready” for the reported 23 games on display for both the Wii U and 3DS. With a focus on Miiverse […]

smb 28 Apr

Nintendo recently announced that New Super Mario Bros 2 will be the first retail game offered digitally on the 3DS at launch, a service to be continued for many releases afterward. The news was delivered as part of a financial results briefing by Nintendo President Satoru Iwata, during which the company posted its first annual […]