DragonAge III Featurebanner 18 Sep

After many rumors and the title surfacing in a focus-group questionnaire, BioWare has officially confirmed it is working on a third installment in the Dragon Age franchise. The title, which is known as Dragon Age III: Inquisition, was revealed on the official BioWare blog by executive producerMark Darrah.

Though the developer wishes to avoid divulging any information regarding the storyline, a recent survey by BioWare uncovered by Strategy Informer asked long-standing fans of the series for input. This survey also provided some background information on the setting and some of the features, such as cooperative play, that would supposedly be included in the game. The setting would resolve around the player leading an inquisition into Orlais, after a wave of corruption has spread through the land. These details were not confirmed in the official announcement of the game.

However, Darrah did confirm that the game is being developed by a team consisting of both Dragon Age-veterans and new staff members, and has been in production for about 18 months now. The game will run on the Frostbite 2 engine, developed by Battlefield‘s EA DICE. No release window for the game has been revealed, nor did BioWare confirm the platforms for which the game is being developed.