fallout-3-three-dog 09 Jan

Erik Todd Dellums, the larynx behind the sweet tones of Fallout 3‘s Three Dog, has released some supposedly sanctioned Twitter messages hinting at a new installment in Bethesda’s rebooted RPG shooter franchise. The original post read, “To all my and fans: There may be more of the Dog coming! Fingers crossed!”. A follow up came later on in the day that stated that Dellums was “given permission” to release the tease by an unnamed authority.

While another installment in the critically and commercially successful post-apocalyptic wasteland was never too much in doubt, a fan retweeted by Dellums could be on the right track when they suggested the tease could mean a Three Dog role in a ‘Fallout’ movie. In any case; sequel, expansion, or movie; Bethesda and parent company Zenimax have remained tight lipped on the subject.