ActivisionBlizzardLogo 20 Feb

Activision has confirmed in a statement issued to Kotaku, that 30¬†staffers¬†have been “made redundant” from across the company’s licensed games division, which will result in fewer license-based titles in 2013.

“In 2013, we expect to release fewer games based on license properties and as a result are realigning our structure to better reflect the market opportunities and our slate.” the statement read, in part. “Approximately, 30 full-time employees have been impacted globally, which represents approximately one half of one percent of Activision Blizzard’s employee population. We are offering those employees who are impacted outplacement counseling services.”

Activision noted that since Black Ops II has been launched, “we are taking a minimal reduction in staff to better align our development talent against the needs of DLC development. The release of the DLC will not be impacted by this move.”

(Source: Kotaku, via VG247)

Report filed by Thomas Coutts