Image courtesy of Game Watch Impress 22 Feb

Musician and video game designer, Kenji Eno, died on February 20th in Japan at the age of 42. The death was originally reported by the Asahi Shimbun and later confirmed in a statement from developer Fyto, the studio with which Eno had designed You, Me and the Cubes for WiiWare. According to an official statement, the cause of death was heart failure brought on by hypertension.

Eno’s career had him working on many titles, including creating music for NES games Panic Restaurant and Casino Kid 2. Then after establishing Warp Inc., Eno designed D, D2, Enemy Zero and Real Sound, the latter of which is an adventure audio intending to provide equal access to both players with and without sight. Following the game’s release, Eno received appreciation letters from blind fans of his games, and would visit a number of them to see how they played the action game genre.

On the Fyto official website, Kenji Eno is described as “The lucky ‘adventurer’ who freely strides the digital world. In reality, an individual with a super analog mind – recently very emotional and sentimental.”

(via Polygon)